Faculty Overview

Prominent features of our curriculum and educational activities include:

1 Hands on, practical, and skill-oriented learning in the field.
2 Collaborations with local communities for social engagement and community involvement
3 Developing personality through liberal arts education
4 Full support for qualification examinations

About the department

Regional Management
The Department of Regional Management

The Department of Regional Management prepares students to become socially conscious leaders who can aid in the revitalization of diverse public services of the local government, enterprises and nonprofit organizations for better communities. Students focus on one of three courses:

 public administration
 business administration
 communication tourism

The curriculum is designed not only to provide fundamental knowledge but also to foster students to become dedicated, globally-minded citizens while in pursuing their goals.

Medical Information Technology
The Department of Health and Welfare Management

The Department of Health & Welfare Management aims at preparing students to qualify as Health Information Managers (HIM, a qualification accredited by the Japan Hospital Association and other hospital organizations as well as Foundation for Promotion of Medical Training). Simultaneously, students of The Department of Health & Welfare Management are expected to learn basic management skills necessary for managing health and welfare facilities highlighting their similarities and differences from corporate and regional governmental management. Combining professional qualification of the HIM and management skills, students are expected to serve as skillful managers in health and welfare facilities while contributing to the regional community through health and welfare activities.

Facilities and equipment

Media center

The current library holding is approximately 65,000 books covering 30 academic fields. The center also has audio visual facilities and a computer lab. The students can access and search the materials in the center through Internet from both in and outside of campus.

Admissions Policy

The Department of Regional Management

In order to develop local human resources and to vitalize the regional community, The Department of Regional Management accepts the admission of foreign students who are willing learn and practice in real world settings by helping to activate and reform organizations and systems.

The Department of Health and Welfare Management

The Department of Health & Welfare Management, as a matter of policy, does not accept students from abroad.


The University of Fukuchiyama
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